Since 2003 each period of my life is represented by a series of painting. I developed several pictorial technics to express my state of mind at that period.

Two approaches:

A spontaneous and intuitive one, it allows me to express an impulsive idea.
The other one is centred on the composition in order to say something which can be seen as a social, a political or an environmental revolt.
My paintings materialise feelings and emotions.

My work is a perpetual movement thanks to several researches which push me to create the unexpected. That makes each painting particular.

My approach is made of commitment, spirituality and feelings for a universal language aim, as for any universal true art.
As in my last paintings, my work witnesses the time with realism and poetry thanks to the physical contact of differents materials.
I also express myself through frescos painted inside or outside.

I generally look for innovative plasticity to give rise to images, ideas and thoughts.
Across my request for « the new »my only rule is not having any rule in order to give a total freedom to my creativity.



1st series: Copy/Paste
The use of sticking, acrylic or industrial paints for the projection

2nd series: 2004-3006 Galaxy
The use of paints from different origins (natural or recovered materials)
Representative objects
On the spot

3rd series: 2006-2010 Representations
Looking for a symbolic representation of men, women and  objects.
The use of features and stencils and paints from different origins
Composition and spontaneity

4rd series: 2010-2012
Imprints reliefs and materials
The use of industrial materials and superimposed paintings for the will of layers and reliefs. The idea of an aerial view and satellite imagery
Composition and spontaneity

2012 Imprints
The use of different materials, natural pigments and stencils.
The aim of representing a walls’ past and history. The image of painting time hiding everything.  These walls which witness all society facts, thoughts  and ideas

5th series: 2013. The witness of my time
The use of materials, pigments, stencils, oil paintings, aerosols, acrylic, posters, metals, glass…
The idea of strata’s
Many layers of materials which represent eras , the running time which finally accumulates and forms our common past
Composition and spontaneity